Vortex: a mass of fluid (as a liquid) with a whirling or circular motion that tends to form a cavity or vacuum in the center of the circle and to draw toward this cavity or vacuum bodies subject to its action

I created this site for a couple of reasons. One reason is out of interest in the Zodiac case. This case is over 30 years old and the Zodiac has not been caught yet. Hopefully one day this maniac will be unmasked. Preferably alive, but at the very least his identity and fate.

Another reason is because I enjoy the multimedia aspect of computers. Hopefully I'll be able to continue adding more stuff to this site whatever it may be.

This site was not intended to be the #1 source of Zodiac information regarding his letters, police reports etc. There are many other sites already so I recommend going to the other Zodiac sites in the Links section to get a better understanding of the case.


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