PRESS RELEASE THINKFILM finds “THE ZODIAC” New York , February 17 – THINKFilm has announced the theatrical release of THE ZODIAC, Alexander Bulkley's thriller about the most infamous killer America has ever seen. The movie will open on March 17th in Los Angeles , San Francisco , Dallas, Houston and Atlanta theaters. Based on true events, THE ZODIAC is a psychological thriller detailing a string of gruesome murders in the Bay Area in the late 1960s and the impact on the victims, their families and the wider community. A small town cop (Justin Chambers) and his son (Rory Culkin) become obsessed with the Zodiac killer, endangering their family in the midst of the explosive media frenzy surrounding one of the most notorious and elusive serial killers in American history. THE ZODIAC was directed by Alexander Bulkley and written by Kelly Bulkley and Alexander Bulkley. The film stars Justin Chambers (ABC's “Grey's Anatomy”, “The Wedding Planner”), Robin Tunney (FOX's “Prison Break”, “The Secret Lives of Dentists”), Rory Culkin (“Mean Creek”, “Signs”) and Philip Baker Hall (“The Matador”, “Boogie Nights”). The film was produced by Cory Campodonico. THE ZODIAC is expected to be released on DVD August 2006. THINKFilm received its fourth Oscar nomination this year with MURDERBALL, which is up for a Best Documentary Feature award. Its 2005 comedy smash, THE ARISTOCRATS, was just released on DVD and their next theatrical release, the Beastie Boys musical extravaganza AWESOME; I F*#&%N' SHOT THAT!, recently had its world premiere at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and opens commercially on March 31st. THINKFilm is a privately held company with offices in New York and Toronto . For information, please go to or


A number of images of Zodiac with white hair, facial hair, and bald.
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Added some aerial photos of the crime scenes from Google Earth.
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Does Some strange markings in the halloween letter.
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Does 'Zodiac' appear on the Bates Had To Die letter sent to the Enterprise?
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Some strange imprints on one of the Bates Had To Die letters.
Arthur Leigh Allen in his basement with lots of pills.


Added some miscellaneous pictures.


I added a story of a cold case that was solved. Its about a cab driver that was shot to death, and the killer was living a quiet life with a clean record. That was until his past came back to haunt him in April 2001.

Ballistics solve murder after 4 decades


I have added some pictures of the victims.
I also added a page on Zodiac's influence on professional wrestling.


I added a new wallpaper in the Zodiac/Imagery section.


More photos of Jack the stepdad in the suspects section.


Jack the stepdad has been added to the suspects section.


Check out a colorized photo of Arthur Leigh Allen in the suspects section.


2 photos of Larry Kane from the documentary "Case Reopened".
1 photo and 1 sound file of Bruce Davis from the documentary "Charles Manson - The Man Who Killed The 60's".


I put this page up.

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